Installing Plugins

On its own, the bot does not do anything you'd notice on your TeamSpeak 3 server.
It'll only connect, sit there and occasionally refresh its internal caches.

In order to add features to your bot, you need to "install" plugins.

1. Plugin installation

In order to install a plugin, you need to drop its jar archive into the plugins directory.
That's (mostly) it.

If the plugin has dependencies, remember to install the dependencies too.
If the plugin depends on some third-party library, remember to drop the library into the libraries directory.

2. Plugin configuration

Nearly all plugins will have to be configured in some way.
When you install a plugin the first time and start the bot, you may notice that the bot shuts down by itself.
That's wanted as plugins are supposed to write their default configuration and then cancel the startup when they are not configured.

To configure a plugin, take a look into the configuration files below config/<plugin-id>.
After you're done configuring, the bot will start as expected.

3. Official plugins

See About official plugins for more information.

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