Overflow Management

Many TeamSpeak servers have an issue with way too many channels.
Often, many channels are only there to provide space for users during high demand times when many users are online.

The channel mangement plugin can provide help with that.
It can dynamically create and delete sub channels based on how many free channels are available to users.
Admins are additionally able to define how the channels will be named based on either a numbered or a random name from list pattern.

  "admins": [
  "channels": {
    "15": {
      "sets": [
    "2022": {
        "sets": ["compet_casual"]
    "11": {
        "sets": ["support"]
  "sets": {
    "cantina": {
      "names": [
        "╠ Jabba´s Cave",
        "╠ Galaktisches Imperium",
        "╠ Todesstern",
        "╠ Millenium-Falke",
        "╠ Imperialer Sternenzerstörer",
        "╠ Galaktische Republik",
        "╠ Jedi-Tempel",
        "╠ Mustafar",
        "╠ Polis Massa",
        "╠ Pallast der Naboo",
        "╠ Untergrund Coruscant",
        "╠ Echo Basis",
        "╠ Cloud City",
        "╠ ISD Executor"
    "compet_casual": {
      "namingSchema":"╠ Casual %i%",
    "support": {
      "namingSchema":"Support Desk No. %i%",
      "channelProperties": {
          "channel_icon_id": "2217723253"
      "channelPermissions": {
          "i_channel_needed_join_power": 20,
          "i_channel_needed_modify_power": 75,
          "i_channel_needed_delete_power": 75

Channel properties enforcement

Tired of some properties being altered by users technically permitted to do so?
The channel management plugin also offers an ability to mitigate that using "enforcement sets".

Enforcement sets contain a mapping of channel properties that are not allowed to be changed. Whenever the plugin detects one of those being changed, it will immediately change it back to the defined value.
Any channel property can be enforced this way. Including channel description and password.

In addition, this can also be used with the overflow management to enforce properties on dynamically generated channels.