Admin move

The plugin registeres a command (!adminmove) which helps admins moving clients around the TeamSpeak. It is a mass-mover that will either:

  • When the admin changes the channel, move all clients from the old channel with them.
  • Move all clients from one channel to the target channel, when a client is moved by the admin.

The minimum required ts3 permission is configurable.


TS3 limitation

Due to a limitation of TS3, the effective permission cannot be directly queried.
Therefore, the framework will have to query all permission contexts (client, server group, channel, channel group) and calculate the resulting value.
Make sure to apply the suggestions from "Speeding things up!" to minimize the wait time for this.
(After being done once, the result is cached for a few minutes)


The plugin includes a mitigation measure for an abuse called "channel hopping" where a user repeatedly switches channels annoying users in those channels.
The "anti-hopper" is a flood-threshold based mechanism that can punish users who switch channels too often.
Every 5 seconds, the move counter for all clients will be reduced by 5. Any other value (threshold, points per move, etc.) can be configured.

Example configuration

  "admin-move": {
  "anti-hopping": {
    "penalty": {
      "assign": {
        "server-groups": [127]
      "notify-groups": [81, 144]
  "greet": []