Connecting to a server

Connection configuration

In order to be able to do anything, the bot needs to be connected and logged into an active TeamSpeak 3 query connection.
Inside config/bot.json you'll find a default configuration:

  "nick": null

Here's a quick explanation of each option:
host: IP-Address or host name to connect to.
port: TeamSpeak 3 query connection port as defined by your server configuration.
instance: When you're hosting multiple virtual TeamSpeak servers, this may need to be changed. (Most admins won't have to do this, though.)
user: TeamSpeak 3 query username.
pass: TeamSpeak 3 query password.
nick: If set, the bot will set a nickname to its client on the TeamSpeak server.

TeamSpeak 3 query logins can be created by permitted users directly from the TeamSpeak client. Created logins will be granted the server groups/permissions of their creator.
Generally speaking it might be best to either use the serveradmin login or create one as a server admin. However this is not strictly required. Just be aware that granting lower permissions to the bot will limit the permissions of all plugins too.


Don't know your server instance ID?

No problem. For Jeak 1.1.0 and above, you can add the -Djeak.ts3.connectByVoicePort=true command line flag and just enter your voice port number as the "instance" configuration option.

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