Installing JeakBot

Hello there!
Welcome to the JeakBot installation instructions.

1. Downloading JeakBot

First. Please download a distribution archive of the version you want to run.
The archive contains the Java application and all dependencies needed to start the bot.
Here is an example for downloading the archive from a shell:

curl -o jeakbot.tar.gz

Alternatively, you can download the archive with your browser from here. (Windows users can use 7-zip or a similar archive software to unpack the archive.)

2. Extracting the archive

Secondly, extract the archive into a directory of your choice.
Here's an example for shell users again:

tar -xvf jeakbot.tar.gz

You can use GUI applications for that too, of course.

3. The file structure

The directory will now contain the following directories:

  • libraries (Where dependencies go)
  • plugins (Where plugins go)

4. Starting the Bot

Since the bot is a Java application, the bot can fairly easy be started using a simple start-up command:

java -cp "jeakbot-1.1.6.jar:libraries/*" de.fearnixx.jeak.Main

*nix users may use one of the start scripts which are included in the distribution archive. Additionally, there's an example .service file available for systems running systemd.

Note: The bot will be terminating itself on the very first start as it does not yet know what server to connect to. For configuring the connection, proceed to the next step.


Windows users: Attention

On Windows, the start-up command looks slightly different:
java -cp "jeakbot-1.1.6.jar;libraries/*" de.fearnixx.jeak.Main
That's because Java uses ; instead of : for the CP delimiter.